squeeze page:

4 Essential Steps In Creating An Effective Squeeze Page

First-time online business owners like you have probably seen various websites sporting squeeze pages without knowing what its called. Well, a
squeeze page is simply a frontline or landing page
that more or less requires
a visitor to opt-in with his email address before he can
proceed further.
refusing would prevent him from accessing the website
further.if you can
create an effective squeeze page for your website,
this can definitely help
at this stage, getting a profitable system in place is the undoubted priority,
and all the tweaking for optimal performance can come later.
with this in mind, it's useful to stand on shoulders of
giants and carefully analyse how the leaders in your niche
go about thing when they build their of
some of the more well known sites in your niche,
and try to make a note of the core features.

1. Where's the opt-in box?

2. What tone does the page take?

3. What font is used?

4. How many bullet points are there?

keep your eyes peeled and make notes as you go,
and you'll be amazed at how fast you get a feel for
what it takes to develop a successful squeeze page.